Softwave’ is a Group of Companies consisting of Softwave Reprographers (Pvt) Ltd., Softwave Printing and Packaging (Pvt) Ltd., and Softwave Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

The Head Office is situated at 107 D, Havelock Road, Colombo 5, which also houses Softwave Reprographers (Pvt) Ltd., and the Marketing wing of the printing arm.

Our Vision

To create a league of our own in being the best provider of high quality, customized, value based printing solution, using the latest technology and novel concepts and design.

Our Mission

To provide our clientele with printing solutions which are elegant, value based and reflects their unique character. We aim to offer a personalized service that brings out the best in their products and organizations.

    Softwave Printing and Packaging (Pvt) Ltd

    107D, Havelock Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka

    Tel : +94 112 502295

    Fax : +94 114 514991

    Email :

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The company was just an accident which turned into the massive operation that it is today. What was initially a photocopying operation with one photocopier and two operators was transformed into a total printing solutions provider.

We specialize in providing offset printing, colour digital printing, complete book binding and finishing services. We use the highest technology available, thereby assuring quality in our work with precision and finish. We have a fully automated finishing division and therefore class in all our products.

In our progressive way ahead, we hope to build a state-of-the art printing facility to international standards in the near future.

D.D Kariyawasam
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With a marketing team comprising of industry experts and out-of-the-box thinkers we ensure that our clients receive a service that is affordable, efficient and unparalleled. From the time you walk in through our doors, to the minute we deliver the finished product, we ensure your every requirement is met, with creative cutting edge solutions.

Our competent team of professionals is dedicated to productivity, value addition and most importantly innovation. At Softwave, we believe the only way to attract your target audience is by going against the current and we ensure that you do the same.

Softwave Reprographers (Pvt) Ltd

Being the pioneering company in the Group, it is a household name and probably the most accomplished Business Centre in the capital city of Colombo. It provides a range of hi-tech reprographical services including reproduction of documents, book binding, laminating and foiling, AutoCad plan printing, the very best of digital printing; and specialising in new generation office stationery, dissertations and project reports, brochures etc.

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  • Softwave Printing and Packaging (Pvt) Ltd

    107 D, Havelock Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lnaka

    Tele : +94 112 502 295

    Fax : +94 114 514 991

    Email :

  • Softwave Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

    184, Havelock Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lnaka

    Tele : +94 115 844 111

    Fax : +94 114 514 991

  • Hot Line : +94777348710/ +94777370091/ +94772642646